Tuesday, June 23, 2009

back in business

we got that shit set up so I'm back in action from my computer. So here's some shit for ya'll as promised. 1) I know jew jew bee was talking mad shit about Charles Hamilton his last post, but I'm gonna show you an example of his potential. He may say a whole bunch of dumbass shit, but dude isn't afraid to say what's on his mind and doesn't give a fuck what people think. Here he joins his legendary cousin MC Lyte on a song about NYC Girls. Not too bad, though not as good as Brooklyn Girls. 2) Some shit I've never heard before, uses the same sample as maybach music by Rick Ross haha. First time hearing these dudes, Brown Bag Allstars, but I dig this song. 3) For those who haven't heard it yet, Jay-Z has returned with a song taking aim at auto-tune. Blueprint 3 supposedly dropping on 9/11.

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