Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rhymefest vs. Charles Hamilton

Alright most of you are probably aware about the feud between the two rappers. Charles Hamilton has been talking a lot of trash about Rhymefest. In return Rhymefest has release a song dissing Hamilton (Super Sonic) which is hilarious. After all of the videos and music I have listen to I gotta say Hamilton is just a little bitch (his life mentality as Sonic is so stupid) and probably won't be around for long, but you decide.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

still struggling

Still haven't gotten my shit right here at the rents' house, so I've still been slacking on the posts.  Here's: A) Some new Dilla shit featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep and Raekwon the Chef.  Peep his latest posthumous release on the way soon, Jay $tay Paid, which was put together by Ma Dukes and the legendary Pete Rock. B) A new Saigon track, I don't particularly like the hook, but he does his thing over some sick production.  When will that debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, see the light of day?


I didn't hear of Z-Ro until I saw a video of a tribute made to him last week by Drake. Z-Ro is worshiped in the state of Texas. Z-Ro hails from Houston and has a very big underground following. Hope you all enjoy.

Mo City Don

Monday, May 18, 2009

Know what Im Sayin?

I could explain it in many words as to why I love this music....but then again why don't I just show you.  Enter MSTRKRFT live @ Coachella

know what Im sayin?

Anticipation of New Releases

Both Eminem and Busta Rhymes have news albums dropping on May 19th. Busta Rhymes' "Back on My BS" is his latest record since "The Big Bang" in 2006. As for Eminem his new album "Relapse" has already had a couple of singles being dropped on the airways (specifically "We Made You" and "3am"). Not only that it has been a longer hiatus for Mathers since his last album "Encore" in 2004. Also Eminem has announced that he is dropping a double album (Relapse 2) so many people are excited to see if the old Eminem still has the same skills. However both albums have already received mixed reviews.

Which album are you more excited to listen to?

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bird Peterson

Bird Knows the Word.  DJ from Austin Texas who is rockin ripe remixes like a champ.  MSTRKRFT plays his stuff on the reg, in the four times I have seen them they have played two of his mixes. I posted the It Aint Love song up a bit here are a few more.


Baltimore Club Music

If you haven't already heard it there is a wave of music coming out of Baltimore. Producers usually just sample out one clip from a movie, tv show, etc. and make it the entire song. Some songs can get quite annoying but some are really catchy and great club bangers. Also I put in a song from the philly club scene (Gimme a Wally). These songs bring some pretty crazy dances with them.

Gimme a Wally

Baltimore Club Mix

Don't Make Me Kill

Hands Up Thumbs Down

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Love the Bloody Beetroots.


You should too. They Crazy.


Alright, for reals ya'll need to check out this new Tanya Morgan album Brooklynati, which dropped on May 12th.  I haven't copped it yet myself, but all of the tracks I've heard from it are solid.  They are definitely one of my favorite groups out.  Here's a track from the album featuring Phonte of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange on the hook, wish he'd drop a verse for us though.  Sorry for lack of posts, I'm back home now and my computer currently has no internet access, so I'm having to make do with my rents'.  I'll get back in the groove ASAP.

Bringin it Back

Its always nice to hear a couple of throwbacks that you haven't heard in a while. So I figured I'd post a couple of my personal favorites from a couple years ago.
Mobb Deep-Got it Twisted

Parker Brothaz-Rather Be with You


Auto Tunes

T-Pain has made his riches in music with the help of Auto Tunes. These videos prove that anyone with the device can sound exactly the same as him.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome AMEEGOs

I have lost myself yet again in another phase of my life long obsession with music.  Steady deep bass drums, hard distorted synths, dirty delicious bass lines...schweet.  Here are a few remixes that make my life that much better.

If you haven't heard, Nadastrom from DC bump clubs with the best and should start to get some serious attention, this remix of a milli is the best I have heard (out of 4 billion).

Take this MSTRKRFT Remix to the face. Thanks Bird.

Sometimes I hate on Steve Aoki...this song proves me wrong.


Friday, May 8, 2009

back again

so i was in north myrtle beach getting tanked for a week and had no internet access.  here's some shit to catch up, with more coming.  jew jew bee has been trying to spice things up with some...pause... interesting material.  now ya'll get that Natorious goodness.  1) West Coast joint.  2) Peep the Mario star power sample in the Curren$y track. 3) Two of Detroit's best link up again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Most people are of the mindset to be comfortable with what they have and are unwilling to change. Much is the same with music. When someone finds a genre or specific musician/group they stick with them and are unwilling to experiment with new things. Well I have started to listen to a lot of Latin music (not reggaeton)and I think most will enjoy it.

Yerba Buena

Monday, May 4, 2009


There are many rappers that have songs they release of them freestyling. Honestly how many of them are truly lyrical geniouses off of the top of their head? I truly don't know the exact number but I don't think there are too many out there. I feel like many of them say they are freestyling but they are just memorizing it, or they might be freestyling but it just sucks. However there are a couple of rappers who have proven themselves time and time again as being great on the spot. For instance Lil Wayne and Papoose have proven themselves to be great off the top of the head, and likewise goes for Eminem. However after long consideration the greatest freestyling artist has to be Rhymefest. Year in and year out Rhymefest dominates ScribbleJam a nationally held event that determines the best freestyler in the country. Not only that as an artist his album Blue Collar was successful so he is performing great at both sprectrums of the music world. The videos below prove my belief for the most part that Rhymefest is the greatest living freestyler from the contest over the years. However overall I believe Biggie takes the cake for being the G.O.A.T.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hottest Video Vixens

The majority of music listeners and music video viewers have no idea who 99% of the girls in any of the music videos are. However there are 2 girls that have made a name for themselves with their beauty and connections with the musicians. Esther Baxter and Vida Guerra are the superstars in the music world. So if you had to choose which would you rather have in your video?

Who would you rather have booty shakin in your video?

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Is 50 going too far?

It has become all to common to see rappers in cahoots with one another, but today it is a way of increasing one's image and business. So if you are unaware 50 cent and Rick Ross have been beefin. Ross talked smack about 50 in one of his songs, for reasons I have no idea nor care. Most critics suggested that 50 shouldn't even waste his time because Ross is not well respected or really cared about in the music community. Unfortunately 50 didn't listen to the suggestions and took it a step too far. Apparently he and some of his friends went to the salon where Ross' mother works at to threaten her. If that wasn't crossing the line enough, on there is a sex tape with Rick Ross' girlfriend (you can see her RR tatoos and all in the abridged clip) and most likely one of 50's friends. And yet if that wasn't enough on his website 50 gets Ross' baby moma to talk about Ross and how fake he is, and after the interview is over 50 proceeds to take her to the Gucci and Prada to treat her to a lavish shopping spree. This to me has just gotten to out of hand. 50 we get the message you are trying to send Ross, but leave it alone, it can only cause you more trouble and why are you gonna mess with an ex-prison officer who no one cares about already.

Friday, May 1, 2009


As Natorious mentioned I may be throwing out so random shit, but hey whats a good blog without some diversity. Anyway I just wanted to start off my intro to YIKR by sharing a couple of things that I hold close to my heart when it comes to music. I'm a huge sucker for club bangers. Anything with a tight beat and decent lyrics that you can dance to I'm down for. After I find a song I really like, I usually will listen to in constantly for 2 weeks. Slowly though, I am trying to curb my short-term addiction of listening to just that one hit song, by listening to new releases daily. As for music itself the thing I love most is beats. I'd love to be able to make them, and I admire those who produce them. That being said that leads me to my discussion. If you are unaware BET has been airing a nationwide beat competition called Red Bull Big Tunes Beat Battle. Aspiring producers from around the country face off against each other to see who will be crowned best amatuer beat-maker. This documentary/reality miniseries is packed with raw footage showing the blood and sweat that goes into tediously making beats. Most of the artists in the show have decent beats, but nothing really special. However a couple of the them have beats that I'd say come close to rivaling the sounds of the big dogs such as 9th Wonder, Dilla , Black Milk, and Timbaland. That being said keep an eye out for amateur artist C-Sick from Chi-town. The kid is only 17 years old and his beats sound as though he has been in the game for years. He has an aura around him that reminds me a lot of Ryan Leslie. Also the show is a constant reminder to never judge a book by its cover (you will get what I am saying when you see the white boy). Watch the clip and you will understand.