Monday, May 4, 2009


There are many rappers that have songs they release of them freestyling. Honestly how many of them are truly lyrical geniouses off of the top of their head? I truly don't know the exact number but I don't think there are too many out there. I feel like many of them say they are freestyling but they are just memorizing it, or they might be freestyling but it just sucks. However there are a couple of rappers who have proven themselves time and time again as being great on the spot. For instance Lil Wayne and Papoose have proven themselves to be great off the top of the head, and likewise goes for Eminem. However after long consideration the greatest freestyling artist has to be Rhymefest. Year in and year out Rhymefest dominates ScribbleJam a nationally held event that determines the best freestyler in the country. Not only that as an artist his album Blue Collar was successful so he is performing great at both sprectrums of the music world. The videos below prove my belief for the most part that Rhymefest is the greatest living freestyler from the contest over the years. However overall I believe Biggie takes the cake for being the G.O.A.T.

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  1. i would recommend checking out "Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme" for some doooope freestyles. The whole movie is on youtube in like...10 installments or something. definitely worth a viewing.