Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is 50 going too far?

It has become all to common to see rappers in cahoots with one another, but today it is a way of increasing one's image and business. So if you are unaware 50 cent and Rick Ross have been beefin. Ross talked smack about 50 in one of his songs, for reasons I have no idea nor care. Most critics suggested that 50 shouldn't even waste his time because Ross is not well respected or really cared about in the music community. Unfortunately 50 didn't listen to the suggestions and took it a step too far. Apparently he and some of his friends went to the salon where Ross' mother works at to threaten her. If that wasn't crossing the line enough, on there is a sex tape with Rick Ross' girlfriend (you can see her RR tatoos and all in the abridged clip) and most likely one of 50's friends. And yet if that wasn't enough on his website 50 gets Ross' baby moma to talk about Ross and how fake he is, and after the interview is over 50 proceeds to take her to the Gucci and Prada to treat her to a lavish shopping spree. This to me has just gotten to out of hand. 50 we get the message you are trying to send Ross, but leave it alone, it can only cause you more trouble and why are you gonna mess with an ex-prison officer who no one cares about already.

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