Friday, April 10, 2009

day 3, weekend, drake

The weekend has begun, and while day 3 has been successful so far, who knows what could happen over the weekend.  Time for me to really test my strength haha.  On to the music: Toronto's own Drake recently dropped his mixtape So Far Gone, which was honestly a let down for me in a couple of ways. I'm not a fan of singing-heavy hip-hop nor auto-tune, both of which have a pretty strong presence on this mixtape. However, Drake does have some tracks on there that have him flexing his lyrical ability. Here's one I like, "Congratulations", and yes, it has some auto-tune, but it's tolerable and actually pretty hot (which is high praise considering my loathing of auto-tune).  The oddest part is it was a bonus track and samples Coldplay's single Viva La Vida - which is pretty sick in my opinion.  Check it out and cop the mixtape (for free) to hear more.

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