Wednesday, April 8, 2009

first post ever, hiatus, new TM

I don't really know why I decided to start a blog, maybe it had something to do with this article I read for my geography of the Middle East class that was about how the Muslim Brotherhood is increasingly using blogs to voice their political views, ideas, etc.  This isn't going to be anything formal or anything like that and will mostly consist of me posting hip-hop songs I'm digging - mostly through zshare.  Some may be new shit - "exclusives", if you will - others may just be whatever I'm feeling at the time.

It's day one of the hiatus and I'm already wondering how long I'll make it.  Part of me is thinking that I'd be lucky to make it to the weekend, but that'd be a major cop out. Anyways, how am I coping? Hip-hop of course.  This track is pretty new from one of the best groups I've heard in a while - Tanya Morgan.  "So Damn Down" is pretty mellow and smooth - definitely helping me relax right now. Check it out. 

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  1. bismillah. the muslim brotherhood welcomes you to the revolution. or something. I don't think that the brotherhood smokes weed, so they'll probably like the hiatus.